ENGG 2440A: Discrete math for engineers

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fall 2017

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Course Description

This course is about mathematical concepts and techniques that are helpful for describing, analyzing, and solving problems in computer science. There will be much emphasis on proofs and rigorous reasoning.

To be successful in discrete mathematics, you will need to go beyond memorizing recipes for calculating answers and learn how to argue convincingly that your solution to a given problem is sensible.


date topic materials
Sep 4 No class, Inauguration Ceremony
1Sep 6
Sep 11
Logic notes
LLM 1.1, 3
2Sep 13
Sep 18
Proofs notes
3Sep 20
Sep 25
notes; code
LLM 5, 6
4Sep 27
Oct 4
Numbers notes; code
LLM 6, 9
5Oct 9
Oct 11
Graphs I
LLM 12, 6.4
6Oct 16
Oct 18
Graphs II
LLM 10, 11
Oct 23
Oct 25
Midterm Exam solutions
7Oct 30
Nov 1
Sums and asymptotics
LLM 14
8Nov 6
Nov 8
Recurrences notes
LLM 22
9Nov 13
Nov 15
Counting I notes
LLM 4, 15
10Nov 20
Nov 22
Counting II notes; code
LLM 15
11Nov 27
Nov 29
Probability notes
LLM 17
Dec 13
Dec 15
Final exam review
Final exam

Tutorials and homeworks

Homeworks will be issued every other week according to the following schedule:

Come to tutorial prepared. Your participation and the quality of your presentation will count towards your grade. If you cannot make it on any particular week, let your TA know in advance.

You are encouraged to collaborate on homeworks, but you must write up your own solutions and list your collaborators on the solution sheet. You will hand in the solutions to your TA at the beginning of Thursday tutorial. No late submissions will be accepted. Please read the CUHK policy on honesty in academic work and see these slides about ENGG 2440A in particular.

Discussion board

There is an ENGG 2440A discussion board on piazza. Please register and sign in using your CUHK email address.

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