CSCI 5440: Cryptography

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fall 2020

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Cryptography allows us to achieve secure and private communication and computation in insecure environments. We will study various settings of interest in which these seemingly impossible objectives can be achieved (and some where they cannot). This year's version will attempt to address the gap between the theory and practice of cryptography.


date topic notes
1Sep 7
Sep 8
Secret sharing and perfectly secure encryption pdf
2Sep 14
Sep 15
Pseudorandomness and private-key encryption pdf
3Sep 21
Sep 22
Pseudorandom functions and chosen plaintext attacks pdf
4Sep 28
Sep 29
Public-key encryption, obfuscation, DDH and LWE pdf
5Oct 5
Oct 6
Identification schemes pdf
6Oct 12
Oct 13
Authentication, signatures, hashing, random oracles pdf
7Oct 19
Oct 20
Two-party computation, oblivious transfer, garbled circuits pdf
Oct 26 Chung Yeung festival  
8Oct 27
Nov 2
Commitments, zero-knowledge pdf
9Nov 3
Nov 9
Proofs of knowledge, fairness, multiparty computation pdf
10Nov 10
Nov 16
Homomorphic encryption, impossibility of obfuscation pdf
11Nov 17
Nov 23
Succinct proofs pdf
12Nov 24
Nov 30
Quantum computing and cryptography pdf
Dec 1
Dec 8-9
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Notes will be provided for every lecture. The following references cover some of the topics in more detail.